Is Change the New Normal?

I’ve written numerous times about change. If anything, change is constant. The onslaught of technology with new applications, software and hardware has made everything, it seems, move faster.

Last week my boss called and said we needed to meet. This RARELY happens. She telecommutes and I work from home a couple of days per week. We see each other maybe 2-3 times per month. It’s not that we don’t talk; it’s mostly on scheduled calls. I wondered why she had such urgency in her voice.

As I followed her back to a meeting room she seemed happy. Maybe it was good news. She quickly informed me our team was being reorganized under a different leader.

I’m fine with the re-org as this was not the first time. Oh no, I’ve been re-org’d two times prior. This was the third time in 18 months. Change.


I work for a large company and in 18 months have had:

  • 3 phone number changes

  • 4 office building changes

  • 2 email changes

  • 4 title changes

Do I have a business card? Heck no. A nameplate? Not even (we work in a “mobile” environment and are not assigned to any offices/desks/cubes). Job title? Nope. My job roles and responsibilities change faster than the seasons. Change.

And it’s not just my professional life that seems always in a constant wave of change. My personal life does as well. Sometimes by choice. Change always, for various reasons, occurs. Change seems to be moving faster as I get older. Earlier this month I started taking a class from the University of California, worked on rebranding vevelicious and getting back on social media, began working with a personal trainer and joined a gym. All in all, a pretty successful month…with lots of change. Good change. My new normal – for today.

I don’t know what tomorrow, next week, next month or next year brings but I know change will be a component. Good, bad or otherwise, change is constant and it is the new normal.