The Anti Aging Diet

Ah December…holiday time which means lots of out­ings — office par­ties, fam­ily get togeth­ers and cock­tail hours with friends. Decem­ber is like the appe­tizer for Jan­u­ary - the month when ads for every kind of diet and exer­cise equip­ment ever made are adver­tised to us 24/7 and many of us make that all too com­mon res­o­lu­tion to diet.

This week I went out after work for a cock­tail (for me = diet coke) with a new friend from work. As we were sit­ting across from one another in the dimly lit lounge of a restau­rant, she asked how old I was. Never embar­rassed or both­ered by my age, I quickly answered, “51”. “No way” she said, “I don’t believe you”. Well, at the age of 51 why oh why would I lie? Her eyes opened widely as she told me she needed proof, of which I quickly offered up my driver’s license (birth year: 1962). I’ve never been too hung up on age — there are peo­ple who are 18 and act like they’re 30; and peo­ple who are 30 who act like they’re 18 (and this goes for their looks as well!). My friend is 31; she thought I was 37. LOVE the com­pli­ment.

Most peo­ple who try to guess my age usu­ally place me in the early 40s. Pretty cool for a mother of a 24-year old. 

I thank genet­ics, decent liv­ing and my per­sonal “anti-aging diet” for keep­ing me look­ing younger than my 51 years. I’m lucky to have two grand­moth­ers who, with their lumi­nous skin and min­i­mal lines looked awe­some as they aged. My mother, though she died at the too young age of 52, always looked beau­ti­ful and to me, glam­orous (a for­mer beauty queen!). Mom would step out of the house with a brush of mas­cara and a stroke of lip­stick on her lips and look like a mil­lion bucks.

I don’t smoke, drink min­i­mal alco­hol and askew the sun (though I was a “sun bunny” in my teens.…which I have paid for with a his­tory of skin can­cer). I owe my skin tone, lack of vis­i­ble wrin­kles, full lips and cheeks to the “anti-aging diet”. Any­one who knows me knows that for most of my life I’ve strug­gled with my weight — up and down, down and up…and at this point, I think if I do lose those pounds that I prob­a­bly should, the fat would leave my face, the wrin­kles and lines would slowly start to appear…and BAM!.….I will look ‘my age’…51. The “anti-aging diet” (read: no dieting…don’t lose weight…stay pleas­antly plump) keeps my wrin­kles and lines at bay…and to think I don’t need to use $100 skin creams!

I will admit that a pos­i­tive and happy out­look on life shared with lov­ing friends and fam­ily and self-acceptance also help in keep­ing me look ‘not my age’ (or at least I think so). Maybe that is the key to the ‘anti-aging diet’ — self-acceptance. Now there’s a res­o­lu­tion I can live with.

Writ­ten By Ms. Renee Vevea, always try­ing to act and look younger than she truly is.