Creative Bucket List

I recently com­pleted a phe­nom­e­nal grad­u­ate course in cre­ativ­ity and inno­va­tion. One of our last assign­ments was to list 150 cre­ative things we’d like to do. Yes, 150. The assign­ment, thank­fully, was bro­ken into two — 50 items first, 100 sec­ond. Com­ing up with the 50 items for my cre­ative bucket list #1 was easy, the addi­tional 100 took some deep think­ing. I thought I’d share a few items from the first list and yes, I’ve started on some. I don’t know if I’ll get thru the 50 or even the entire bucket list of 150, but it’s always there and wait­ing for me.

This was an inter­est­ing cre­ative exer­cise that incor­po­rated brain­storm­ing, free think­ing, let­ting go of lim­its, bound­aries and excuses. What would be on your cre­ative bucket list?

No judg­ing now! And yes, I mean it. (If you actu­ally do read the list, you’ll notice what I’ve started!).

1. Learn a new style of painting

2. Start a new blog about per­sonal styling for the curvy woman , Curvy­Gal­Fash­ion, com­ing soon!

3. Learn Arabic

4. Visit Lebanon

5. Start an Instra­gram account for vevelicious

6. Apply for more art exhi­bi­tions in a wider geo­graph­i­cal area

7. Watch more for­eign films

8. Learn how to make a video

9. Write my memoir

10. Learn how to use an elec­tric drill

11. Learn, or actu­ally relearn, French

12. Vol­un­teer internationally

13. Obtain a MFA in painting

14. Learn how to cook Greek food

15. Learn how to use a food processor

Writ­ten by Ms. Renee Vevea, who is always on a quest to fin­ish any list.