Lipstick Addict

Okay, I admit to being full-on girl. I like to wear make-up, jew­elry, nice clothes, have my nails done, my hair col­ored and change purses (usu­ally weekly). My biggest obses­sion? Make-up, specif­i­cally lip­stick.

Can a girl really ever have too much make-up? Per­haps. My first foray into cos­met­ics was at the age of 11. My mother, finally, after much plead­ing, or per­haps exhaus­tion from con­stant nag­ging, allowed me to pur­chase eye­shadow and lip gloss. I was so excited. I took some hard earned babysit­ting money, went to the neigh­bor­hood drug store and quickly bought cream eye­shadow in a green that looked like for­est moss and lip gloss resem­bling (and tast­ing) a bit like straw­berry jelly. I was in heaven. When I put my fin­ger in the small pots the first time I felt like I was a painter, ner­vously and care­fully plac­ing my index fin­ger with the green goop on my eye­lid, mak­ing sure to ‘stay within the lines’ and not make too much of a mess. Today, with an ever steady hand and many more steps in the process, I apply make-up with almost per­fect pre­ci­sion and can put on a ‘full face’ in less than 5 minutes.

I love every­thing there is about cos­met­ics — the wide range of col­ors, espe­cially for lips, eyes and nails (who knew GREEN would ever touch a fin­ger­nail?), the shim­mer effects of pur­ple eye­shadow, the new high-definition foun­da­tion (just pur­chased). Last count, I own approx­i­mately 50 tubes of lipstick/glossMy brand favorites are from Chanel, Bite and MAC. Thevary­ing hues of red are my favorite though the color range is broad from the faintest nude (usu­ally worn on the week­ends when I wear the least make-up) to an almost black red, when I’m feel­ing a bit more dra­matic. Sephora and Ulta are like candy stores to me, the Chanel and MAC coun­ters at Macy’s on Michi­gan Avenue in Chicago have me on their mail­ing list, and I receive weekly emails from Estee Lauder. My bath­room draw­ers and linen closet are filled with a wide range of brands and prod­ucts…girl­friends who visit me know exactly where to go for their ‘touch-up’ and help them­selves to my own per­sonal make-up counter. And it’s well orga­nized with lip­sticks in their own hold­ers orga­nized by brand, eye shad­ows and lin­ers in a plas­tic file drawer, per­fumes occupy two plas­tic lazy susans and cleans­ing prod­ucts in one drawer.

I don’t even want to think of the amount of money I’ve spent on cos­met­ics over the past 30+ years — prob­a­bly enough to pur­chase a very nice new auto­mo­bile — not a Mer­cedes, but per­haps a Ford Focus. Oh well, the money could have gone to far worse habits.…like smok­ing or gambling.

My mother never wore much make-up, she didn’t need to. Mom had a beau­ti­ful com­plex­ion, and great features…but she always wore lip­stickI’ve aptly fol­lowed suit and never leave home with­out lip­stick on, often reap­ply­ing over the length of the day.

I have to admit I’m a bit envi­ous of women who wear lit­tle, if any, make-up and look fresh and fab­u­lous. Some­times I wish I didn’t have to wear foun­da­tion to cover my acne scars and sun dam­age (too much of a sun bunny in my teens), or put mas­cara on to make me look a bit more awake. But there is one thing I won’t give up…that’s right, lip­stick.

Writ­ten by Ms. Renee Vevea, self-professed cos­metic junkie and lip­stick addict.