On The Topic of Romance

Yes, I know. Romance. A topic often writ­ten about, com­plained about, won­dered about. And it seems its women who are the ones writ­ing, com­plain­ing and wondering…wondering why they per­haps don’t have enough romance in their lives, why their part­ners don’t ‘get it’, why the only time their part­ners are roman­tic are dur­ing Hallmark-induced hol­i­days, birth­days, Valentine’s and Christ­mas. Gee, if your birth­day falls out­side these hol­i­days, you might be lucky and have a bit of romance on a quar­terly schedule.

Have you heard the joke that a man vac­u­um­ing the house is fore­play? If vac­u­um­ing is fore­play, clean­ing the toi­let must almost be like sex.

Per­haps the prob­lem with think­ing that you don’t get enough romance in your life or that your part­ner isn’t roman­tic isn’t with the mere lack of romance but per­haps with our expec­ta­tion of romance. Always expect­ing some­thing can lead to dis­ap­point­ment. Expect­ing your part­ner to always tell you that you look sexy and beau­ti­ful, sched­ule roman­tic din­ners every Sat­ur­day night, or give you small gifts or cards for no rea­son is…unreasonable?

What is more roman­tic than your part­ner rolling over in bed on a Sun­day morn­ing after a late-night party on Sat­ur­day night and say­ing “you are the most beau­ti­ful woman” while your face looks like a mas­cara wand ran rail­road tracks in all direc­tions? Or when your part­ner says “I love you” out of the blue? It’s the unex­pected expres­sions of romance that make a rela­tion­ship romantic — espe­cially if it’s not on Sweet­est Day. Lucky for me, I haven’t pushed a vac­uum in in a few years.…I get lots of foreplay.

Writ­ten by Ms. Renee Vevea, who loves watch­ing a man vac­uum.