What I Learned This Summer

1. A job change in the sum­mer is okay. Yes, I changed jobs in July and joined a great com­pany and am part of a very small entrepreneurial-thinking team. Though the first few weeks were, well, bor­ing (seems that’s the norm for all new jobs), after a cou­ple of months we’ve really ramped up and I’m hap­pily busy (note: not stressed) and glad I made the move.

2. You CAN find a rela­tion­ship online. Over the years I’ve been to many dif­fer­ent online dat­ing sites (always one at a time) and had my fair share of ‘first dates’. In late April, a nice man mes­saged me and the rest is his­tory.  Yes, he lives 125 miles away in a dif­fer­ent state, but we make it work. Don’t give up!

3. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion IS key to all rela­tion­ships. This not only goes for ‘love’ rela­tion­ships (per #2 above) but also friend­ships and fam­ily. Due to #1 and #2, I haven’t had all the time to see friends and fam­ily but always made the effort to call when I could. My friends under­stand, espe­cially since they’re happy #2 hap­pened (“finally” they stated!). Hugs and love to my friends — you know who you are.

5. New pur­chases don’t stay new for long. So after start­ing my new job, I leased a new car and went on vaca­tion with my new boyfriend to visit my fam­ily (yes, he was “offi­cially intro­duced” — still rolling my eyes at my brother-in-law’s comment.…“I think this is the first REAL man you’ve dated”.…what!@!@!). The day we get back from our vaca­tion — we’re rear-ended, badly, on the inter­state by a 19-year old who didn’t know the dif­fer­ence between the brake pedal and the gas pedal. My boyfriend was taken to the emer­gency room (neck/back strain; he’s fine) but my new car has spent over three weeks in the shop. Wish it got totaled, but it didn’t. I’m look­ing for the Febreze spray for “new car scent’. The car has been in the body shop longer than I drove it.

6. Short trips are good for the soul. For­tu­nately, I was able to take many small trips this sum­mer — north­ern Min­nesota (my annual “solo” trip), the Black Hills of South Dakota, Texas and east to Wis­con­sin (ref­er­ence #2 for the rea­son!). #BestPartOfSummer

7. You can get a tat­too at ANY age. Yep, I did it.

8. It is true — God only gives us what we can han­dle. This is my mantra in times of stress — or as I rather put it — when shit rains down.

9. And lastly, to the awe­some, fab­u­lous veve­li­cious team. A big thanks to Cas­san­dra, Kelli, Cassie, Sia and Lee for hang­ing in there while I started a new job, got sick and went on a few trips. They are a ter­rific bunch of gals who really helped me and the blog. I appre­ci­ate you all!

Yes, I learned a lot this sum­mer — the biggest learn­ing of all — take every day ONE DAY AT A TIME. Some­times, I have to take an hour at a time.

Now I have get ready for, what the Farmer’s Ala­manac is call­ing, “another bru­tal win­ter’. Oh goody, good thing my win­ter mit­tens never were put away.

Writ­ten by Ms. Renee Vevea, hop­ing things set­tle down for a bit but learn­ing every day.